The Four Directors

four-directors Edward de Sciora Nancy Curtin

Amidst all of the seismic changes in the world, the Port Washington Public Library has held its own. It has expanded and reconfigured its building, led by architects Donald and Liisa Sclare under the guidance of Library Director Nancy Curtin and the Board of Trustees; it has received widespread recognition and awards for its Books for Dessert, Health Center, Jobs and Careers, Family Place, Local History Center, ESOL Program and innovative children, teen and adult service programs. The superlative Friends of the Library, led by Amy Bass, and the Advisory Councils and Foundation, are trendsetters for libraries across the nation. The history of the Port Washington Public Library continues to inform our daily work, and the future—charted by a Strategic Planning Process—will follow in our tradition of “community and innovation.” We thank the public for your years of participation and support. When future generations look back to the library’s beginnings, they will discover its roots in an inspired idea that was born in Miss Wilhelmina Mitchell’s parlor in 1892.

photo pwpl